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I've always had a true need to create. The road to tattooing wasn't exactly direct, but it became my prized medium. After high school, I entered a music college in Ohio, where I studied studio engineering. My need to draw kept calling though, which led me in to clothing design. After years of art classes and working on trying to build my brand, I realized my true talent was in design rather than production.

One day a friend of mine offered his tattoo equipment for me to try out. My mind began racing with the possibilities. I was hooked. It was then that I decided to make a career out of tattooing. I was lucky enough to learn from a veteran artist that gave me the knowledge to take my art to skin. While transitioning from fashion design to tattooing, I did commission art pieces on the side. I still love doing family and pet portraits (especially dogs,) and my personal passions, wildlife and yoga.

I tattooed for several years in a shop that catered to a walk in crowd. It taught me to think quickly and to create lasting designs with very little preparation time. Now I work in a peaceful private studio setting. My goal is to develop more large scale tattoo projects that embody my personal style. I tend to use geometric lines and ornamental elements, which stem from my love of architecture and handmade furniture.

Commission work and tattooing take the majority of my time. When I am not painting, drawing, or tattooing, you can find me selling vintage furniture through my wife Tammy's company, Malt Gypsy, or at the local skatepark with my son Presley.

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