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FAQ: Couples Tattoo Ideas

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I do a lot of cover up tattoos. Most of them are of spouse's names... well ex spouse's names. Before committing someone's name in permanent form, I like to suggest taking the money budgeted for the tattoo and going out to a nice dinner, a week at an all inclusive, or a few rounds of relationship therapy. The reason being is that often people make big gestures as last efforts to save the sinking ship. It rarely works. It's why I believe most tattoo artists consider couple's tattoos a curse on the relationship. But, from time to time I oblige.

Now the fun part. The couple has passed my rigorous screening process, so what kind of tattoo makes sense? When coming up with a couples tattoo idea, I like to steer things towards the couple themselves and not simply succumb to the temptation of the dying art of cursive lettering. Rather, let's talk about things that remind you of the other person. Maybe it's a physical item, a shared hobby, a great relationship memory, or a photocopy of their butt.

One of the most successful couples tattoos I've been a part of was the one in the photo above. Both husband and wife were interested in UFO's, their cats, their new home, sasquatching, and had a great sense of humor. I asked them to provide a photo of their home (at the appropriate angle and time of day for lighting.) I asked the same for pictures of their cats in poses that looked as if they could be floating in mid air. Then I photographed the couple on a set of stairs, in positions as if they were being beamed up by a flying saucer. The hardest part was the bigfoot photo. After all of those pictures were in hand, we had a tattoo design that matched the couple's temperament. This kind of project doesn't work for everyone, but it goes to show that I'll work with you to come up with something fun and dedicated to your love.

If you are looking for a couples tattoo idea, let's talk. That's where the best results come from, good communication and a good listener. Click the link below if you'd like to discuss more in person.


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