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What Makes This Orlando Tattoo Artist Different From The Rest

Each Orlando tattoo artist differs in style. At Sandtiger Tattoos, we also differ in experience.

When you are searching for an Orlando tattoo artist there are many questions you should ask yourself: What do their reviews say? Is their space clean and comfortable? How do their prices compare to other tattoo shops? How experienced are their artists?

At Sandtiger Tattoos we ensure that when clients ask themselves these questions they find that our Orlando tattoo artist is the best fit for their needs.

Here are two main reasons Sandtiger Tattoos differs from other tattoo shops:

The Experience Offered

No two tattoo shops are created equal. At Sandtiger Tattoos, our main priorities are quality and comfort. Orlando tattoo artist and owner, Phil Morgan, books one client per day to ensure the focus and energy is 100% on the project at hand. In order to implement this level of diligence, each client is tattooed in a private room versus an open space to minimize distractions.

It’s important to us that you feel relaxed during the process. Whether that’s with music playing or the TV on, we encourage our clients to do as they please to pass the time.

Due to the demand for this exclusive concept, scheduling begins by appointment only to secure an allotted day dedicated to our respective client.

Unmatched Precision

Orlando Tattoo Artist

Finding an Orlando tattoo artist you trust and rely on takes time and exploration. That’s why Phil’s clients continue to travel across the country for his consistent, quality artwork.

“Phil is an absolutely amazing artist. I regularly travel from CT to his shop in Orlando, and cannot recommend him highly enough. I have sent many friends there as well. People literally stop me to ask me who did my ink, and I am proud to tell them Phil Morgan at [Sandtiger Tattoos].” - Jim Martin

The combination of his natural artistic ability and skills learned while completing a Bachelor’s in Illustration has given him an upper hand in the industry.

If you’re seeking an Orlando tattoo artist, contact us today to book a free consultation. Sandtiger Tattoos offers a one-and-only experience you’ll want to be a part of.


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