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An In-Depth Look At Orlando Tattoo Prices

All Orlando tattoo prices differ. Here’s a more in depth look at what you’re paying for.

I’m often asked, “Why are tattoos so expensive?” While all Orlando tattoo prices vary slightly, the truth is, the physical act of tattooing is really just the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the work is done by the tattoo artist before and after the hours in which they’re getting paid.

Orlando tattoo prices

The first communication with a customer is like an interview process. Ideas, budgets, and expectations need to be discussed. Images then need to be searched for or drawn to the customers’ specifications. Designs and drafts need to be put together which may or may not be used. Sometimes those drawings need to be completely redone. Other times the customer simply changes their mind and wants something completely different. A typical tattoo that might only take four hours to complete often has at least an hour or two of prep time involved.

A good tattoo artist is probably answering numerous email requests and researching multiple projects each evening as well. It’s a job that never really ends. Setting up, breaking down, and sanitizing the workstation also takes some time. There are material costs, a space to rent, and the all-important health department licensing and training requirements. Like any business, everything mentioned above is included in that hourly rate. If you find a tattoo artist with Orlando tattoo prices that are much lower than most, they are probably skipping one or more of these steps.

There’s no minimum artistic standard to tattoo people. No Bar exam to ensure quality results. It’s the reason I think the most important component to the hourly rate is trust. A customer needs to have faith that what they are getting is the highest quality work with their well-being in mind. The next time someone asks about Orlando tattoo prices, I hope this helps.

If you’re looking for Orlando tattoo prices in the area, contact us today to book a free consultation. Sandtiger Tattoos offers a one of a kind experience that is sure to exceed expectations.


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