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4 Reasons Our Orlando Tattoo Shop Is Unlike Any Other

All Orlando tattoo shops are not created equal. Here are a few reasons why Sandtiger Tattoos is different.

When you’re planning on getting a tattoo, do you look up reviews before booking an appointment? Not all tattoo shops offer the same experience or specialize in the same techniques. This is why you should seek guidance from previous customers to ensure their commitment to quality meets your expectations. Here are four reasons Sandtiger Tattoos is unlike any other Orlando tattoo shop.

1. One Client Per Day Basis

Sandtiger Tattoos currently books only one client per day to ensure the focus and energy is 100% on the project at hand. When you book an appointment at our Orlando tattoo shop, you are guaranteed a day dedicated exclusively to your work of art.

2. A Private Experience

The service offered at Sandtiger Tattoos is professional and intimate. We want your experience to be your own, not yours and the person’s laying next to you. This is why our tattoo spaces are separated by closed doors with our client’s comfort as the top priority. Each client is encouraged to pass the time as they please whether that be watching tv, listening to the radio, or taking a nap.

3. Education

Owner and Artist, Phil Morgan, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from the University of Connecticut. Despite his degree, he credits the nuclear engineering training he received in the Navy for his attention to detail. Phil’s varied education has led to creating unique and custom solutions to his customer’s ideas.

4. Appointment Only

A typical Orlando tattoo shop accepts walk-ins, but at Sandtiger Tattoos we book by appointment only. This ensures that your tattoo design isn’t rushed and there is adequate planning time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sandtiger Tattoos, contact us today. You can also find our work on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love to be your Orlando tattoo shop of choice.


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