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How to Find an Artist that Suits Your Needs Among all of the Orlando Tattoo Shops

When sifting through all of the Orlando tattoo shops, it’s important to know what type of consumer you are. Here’s how you can determine which experience you’re looking for:

Types of Tattoo Shops

Orlando tattoo shops are like restaurants, there are three basic types. There are fast food places where you pick off of a picture menu at a cheap rate. There are chain stores where you get an adequate product at a fair price. Finally, there are fine dining restaurants in which you receive something carefully crafted to your specific taste. If you don’t know what type of customer you are, you won’t be able to figure out which shop style is best for you.

Most people are familiar with the fast food type tattoo shop. Nearly everyone has at least stepped in to or seen one on TV. There are sheets of drawings all over the walls for the customer to choose from. Those tattoo artists have limited abilities, but you can typically walk out without breaking the bank. Shops that are comparable to chain restaurants often have multiple artists with varying artistic backgrounds and skills that provide a decent tattoo at a decent price.

Professional artists usually work at higher end shops similar to fine dining establishments. This category of tattoo artist treats the customer like an individual and not a disposable commodity. They tend to have an unlimited ceiling to their artistic growth. Many professional artists experiment with new materials and techniques to constantly improve their craft for the benefit of the public. It doesn’t always mean more expensive, but it does mean that every ingredient is as important as the final outcome.

Customers can make the tattoo process a lot easier by knowing which type of Orlando tattoo shops they belong in. If a fast food customer wanders into a professional shop they often enjoy the work but can’t understand why they’re paying so much. Knowing what type of category you fall into helps everyone involved.

I feel like there are hundreds of Orlando tattoo shops. During my daily commute to work, I pass six of them. I understand the process of finding the right shop can be daunting. The first step though, should be figuring out what your expectations are just as much as what you want to get tattooed. I consider myself a professional and hold myself to standards that are higher than other Orlando tattoo shops.

If you’re looking for Orlando tattoo prices in the area, contact us today to book a free consultation. Sandtiger Tattoos offers a one of a kind experience that is sure to meet your expectations.


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