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Tattoo Design and the Importance of Consultations

I feel like the most important part of the tattoo process is the consultation because it is an opportunity to get to know what a customer is really looking for. With a few questions, the tattoo design can go from something generic to something that’s much more personal.

What is discussed during a consultation?

I jokingly compare consultations to speed dating, there’s 60 minutes or less to figure out what a person likes, doesn’t like, and what their future tattoo plans are. Creating a beautiful tattoo takes a lot more than just the ability to trace an outline. It takes understanding of artistic and design aesthetics, a fair amount of lessons learned from years of experience, and empathy. It takes compassion and remembering what it was like to be a customer. The consultation gives me an opportunity to answer any questions and address any concerns the customer might have before any tattooing actually takes place.

The tattoo design process can be intimidating for even heavily tattooed people. There’s a visual language barrier that needs to be overcome to determine what style of imagery the customer likes. I often ask customers to find images that speak to them, that way I get a better idea of what they visually or emotionally connect to. Having a few reference images helps get the creative ball rolling.

Another great benefit in meeting face to face is planning how the tattoo design will fit on the body. A poorly placed or improperly sized tattoo can accentuate or detract from a person’s figure. Most people only consider tattoos by how they look from 12 inches away. I like to consider how the tattoo design is going to affect the overall look of the client when they’re seen from 20 or 50 feet away. The fastest way to obscure years of cardio and weightlifting is plastering on a tattoo without concern for definition and muscle groups.

During the consultation we also have the opportunity to talk about cost estimates and how much time it will take to complete the project. Without a consultation, a customer doesn’t really know what they’re getting. Consultations help build trust and assure the customer that the tattoo artist will be able to execute whatever ideas they may have.

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