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Tattoo Industry: What the Hell is Going On ? (Part 1)

What a wild time. I receive more messages requesting information about getting in to tattooing than requests for appointments. I guess there are more well intended tattoo artists than customers in Orlando. It does't surprise me. It's a lucrative way to use art and your hands to make a living. Trouble is, it's become a market flooded with characters of little experience and introductory prices. Combine that with social media moving to more short form video content than portfolio building still images, and you have customers lost in a sea of inept life rafts. Getting noticed is the new challenge for the experienced and established. Artists that have made fine careers for decades are now wondering how to reach the next wave of clientele. So to any well meaning customer in search of quality work, do your research. Anyone getting a bad tattoo in 2023 has failed themselves, if for only having hopped in to the most convenient raft rather than the one capable of getting you where you want to go.


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