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  • Make sure to get a good nights rest.

  • It's not a good idea to party hard the night before getting tattooed.

  • Eat a big healthy breakfast and/or lunch.

  • Feel free to bring drinks or snacks.

  • Please arrive on time to any scheduled meetings. I arrive three hours before ever getting paid each day to get everything ready to go, so please respect my time.

  • When we meet in the morning, I will finalize the design, size it up, and send you out for lunch while I get everything set up for a noon start.

  • understand that the private workspace creates a power dynamic between myself and the customer. Please understand that I will request that you let me know if anything about the process makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Please keep an eye out for emails from me. I might have questions regarding your tattoo.

  • It is helpful if you carefully shave the tattoo area the night before your appointment.

  • In order to provide my best work, I ask that you come alone to minimize distractions.

  • Cash, debit, and credit cards are the only forms of accepted payment.

  • You will be given detailed aftercare instructions before leaving the shop.


View from SR434.

Our building.

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